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30 Seconds Family Board Game

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30 Seconds Board Game

  • The quick-thinking fast-talking board game for the whole family! 30 Seconds Board Game is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and laughter, it is the most exciting board game you’ll ever play! In this fast-paced general knowledge game, you have just 30 seconds to describe five names on your chosen card, for your teammates to guess! You can describe the names on the card in any way you wish but without mentioning the actual names themselves and without resorting to any ‘sound-like’ tactics. The challenge lies in getting your team-mates to correctly identify as many of the names you have on the card in your hand, before the 30 second timer runs out. 30 Seconds is bursting with British icons and includes everything from familiar places, famous people, iconic films, popular books, loved brands, celebrated fictional characters and much more!
  • Suitable for 4 players+
  • ages 12 years +.
  • Stimulates these cognitive skills: Speed Concentration Memory Language
  • Contents: 240 cards (2,400 names) 1 x Game board 1 x 30 Second timer 1 x Dice   4 x Playing tokens 1 x Set of rules