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Chained Dragon Wall Mirror Ornament Statue

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Chained Dragon Wall Mirror

Sometimes, it can be easy to feel trapped within your own head, your own self. Just ask the Chained Dragon Wall Mirror. This poor, defeated wyrm is imprisoned against the glass, forced to stare at only himself all day long, but then your lucky self gets to stare at him, so his situation is not all that bad. This beautiful resin-framed fixture, hand-painted to resemble stone, features the powerful form of a muscular dragon with shackles on its wrists and ankles. Its head is bowed, and its curled tail stretches along the bottom of the mirror. In its struggle to be free, the dragon has cracked the frame, fracturing the ornate Celtic knotwork that adorns the border. At the bottom corner of the mirror is a little crater for the placement of a tealight candle. The Chained Dragon Mirror makes a gorgeous and poignant addition to any bedroom, bathroom, or lounge and is perfect for lovers of fantasy.

Key Features:

  • Depicts a chained dragon clinging to the frame of the mirror
  • Features a crater for a tealight candle
  • Beautifully hand-painted in vivid detail
  • Great for lovers of fantasy
  • Measures: 57H x 80W x 17Dcm

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