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SPYX DIY Spy Listener Listening Device

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SPYX Spy Listener

SpyX DIY Kit - Make Your Own Spy Device!  A cool scientific toy that you can build your own spy listening device. You will be surprised that how clear the secret chat you hear! Connect the circuits and build your own real working spy gadget. Learn the science behind SpyX Surveillance! 

Sound Amplifier Device Building Kit: The DIY spy kit includes a microphones, a battery module, a volume knob, a listen module, an on/off switch, and a earbud. Adjust the microphone toward the direction of the conversation you want to amplify. 
Colored wires and springs assist you build the sonic hearing device and learn the whole theory easily.After plugging each electric block into the base and connecting the wires, turn on the switch, place the earbud into your ear, and point the microphone towards the sound source. Adjust the volume knob to hear secrets! This sound amplifier really works!